MBA/Master of Science in Foreign Service

The Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service and McDonough School of Business offer a full-time, three-year, program that leads to both MBA and Master of Science in Foreign Service (MSFS) degrees. This dual program focuses on the global interdependence of business and government systems and is intended for students with strong interests in the relationship between foreign relations and global business.

Candidates seeking management positions within international and multi-national corporations, government agencies, international development institutions, economic development institutions, and banks should consider augmenting their graduate business studies with an MSFS degree.

At a Glance

Course Sequence Program Requirements
Year one – Business School Total credits – 84
Year two – School of Foreign Service MBA credits – 45
Year three – Both MSFS credits – 39
  Integrated master’s thesis
  Foreign language reading exam


Your first year of coursework at the McDonough School of Business will follow the standard Full-time MBA curriculum.

In the remaining years, you will take two core courses (the Global Business Experience and Business and Policy in the Global Economy) and elective courses. You will work closely with your academic advisors to schedule elective courses, which are chosen from a wide range of options to gain expertise in specific fields.


You have the option of applying to both programs prior to enrolling at Georgetown or in the first year of either the MBA or MSFS program.

Please confirm the specific Georgetown University MSFS admission requirements with an academic advisor at the School of Foreign Service.

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“The MBA-MSFS dual degree program truly has allowed me to push myself in my original area of academic and career emphasis (business) while still expanding my knowledge and skill-set into another (international development). Academically, it balances breadth of topics covered with complementary skills, and professionally, it makes me a viable candidate for an even wider set of employers. Additionally, having the networks that both schools offer really provides me flexibility in my career search, both now and after school.”

Erfaan Mojgani (MBA/MSFS ’14)

“The MBA and MSFS degrees were perfect complements, a strong business and policy education that reinforced and enhanced each other. I found that having both skill sets was particularly advantageous in my job search and career.”

Julia Robbins, (MBA/MSFS ’13)