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Full-time MBA Test Waiver Policy

PLEASE NOTE: The Full-Time MBA Test Waiver Policy has been modified to allow for Round 3 and 4 submissions. We have decided to extend our test waiver to support the ongoing layoffs in tech and financial services sectors, and the continuing uncertainty about the U.S. and global economy, which is expected to continue for the better part of this calendar year.

A standardized test (GMAT, GRE, or EA) is required as part of the Full-time MBA application process. The test is one component of the application that allows us to gain insight into and assess your academic and quantitative aptitude and readiness. However, if you believe that other components of your application demonstrate an above average level of quantitative aptitude which will make the admissions committee confident of your success in the rigorous quantitative coursework, then you may choose to submit a test waiver application.

Based on our experience, candidates who are most likely to be successful in the quantitative rigor of the classroom have one or more of the following as part of their profile.

Based on our review of your standardized test waiver, we could require additional proof of quantitative acumen, course syllabi, or request that you complete additional quantitative coursework, which could include requiring a standardized test score. 

Submission Timeline: Once you submit your Test Waiver Application, you can expect a 1-2 week turnaround for decisions. For applicants targeting Round 3, submitting your Test Waiver Application by March 15th will guarantee a decision in advance of the Round 3 application deadline of March 30th. Submitting after March 15th will also result in a 1-2 week turnaround time, which means you should target applying for Round 4, the next MBA application deadline. The Round 4 MBA application deadline is May 2nd, so please plan accordingly.

Process Overview: For those applying to the Full-time MBA program, there is a separate application for a test waiver. You must start (but not submit) an MBA application, then submit the test waiver application for review. You will be notified if you are awarded a waiver and then you may proceed with submitting your MBA application. 


We understand you may have questions as you consider whether you will submit with a waiver. While our team cannot advise you whether or not to take the test, our Associate Dean of MBA Admissions answers common questions our applicants have about submitting an application with a test score waiver in a post on the MBA Admissions Blog plus view our FAQ page.