McDonough School of Business


At the SBC, we take pride in attracting top-tier and impact-driven students to join our team. Our application process is crafted to pinpoint individuals who not only have the essential technical skills but also demonstrate the passion and determination to thrive in a dynamic and demanding work environment.


Our student consultants engage with real-world challenges by actively participating in SBC projects through:

Solving Problems and Developing Strategies:  Identifying challenges and developing innovative solutions. Helping businesses craft winning plans for marketing, operations, and more.

Researching and Analyzing: Digging into data and market trends to inform strategic decisions. 

Supporting Implementation: Working alongside clients to turn recommendations into action.

Communicating Effectively and Presenting with Impact: Collaborating closely with clients to understand their needs and keep them informed. Delivering clear and compelling presentations to showcase their findings.

Managing Projects: Keeping projects on track and delivering results clients need.

Learning and Growing: Gaining valuable skills and knowledge in consulting and their chosen field.

Why Should You Get Involved?

1. Make a big impact

Use your business education and insights to support small businesses and make a positive impact in your local community. Join us in supporting projects that make a real difference!

2. Gain hands-on experience

Work on real projects with local clients to build the consulting and leadership skills that employers value.

3. Receive professional training

Gain practical skills and knowledge from top consultants at Boston Consulting Group and Georgetown’s esteemed team of faculty and subject matter experts to propel your career forward.

4. Develop Valuable Skills

Build teamwork, problem-solving, communication, creativity, and other essential skills that will set you apart in your chosen profession.

How it Works: 

Complete the interest form to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

For part-time projects, consultants are expected to dedicate an average of 10 hours per week, and for full-time projects, 40 hours per week, including weekends. All projects last for a duration of two months. The student consultants are required to join weekly calls and regularly update and provide feedback to SBC’s management team about the project.

A student consultant works on only one project at a time. 

All consultants receive a stipend for their work with the Small Business Corps.

Yes, students will be expected to travel to the client site. For international students, CPT authorization will be required if you have been in school over a year. International students who have been on campus for less than a year will be expected to complete their tasks virtually.

Testimonials from business students consultants

“Being associated with the Small Business Corps wasn’t just enriching, it was deeply satisfying. Applying my skills and knowledge to solve real-world problems brought a joy I haven’t found elsewhere. They bridge the gap between those who can help and those who need it, and the diverse team makes the projects even stronger. For any student who wants to learn, make a difference, and give back, I’d say that the Small Business Corps is the place to be!”
Kyle Wagner (MBA’24)

“Finding the time to give back can be tough, but the Small Business Corps changed that for me! Their platform perfectly matched me with a small business project I could truly contribute to. As part of the first group, I was impressed by the team’s support. They planned everything meticulously, from onboarding to client connections. They even actively sought feedback to improve the experience for future participants. It’s been a fantastic two months, and I’m already signed up for the next cohort!  Can’t wait to meet more passionate people and tackle another meaningful challenge.”
Phaneendra Boosala (MBA’25)