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The Small Business Corps (SBC) is here to help your business thrive! We offer pro-bono consulting services provided by a dedicated team of experienced students at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.

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Eligibility criteria for availing SBC’s services

  1. Your business must operate within the Washington D.C., Maryland, or Virginia area.
  2. Your business must qualify as a small business, as defined by the Small Business Administration.
  3. Your business must be located in and/or serving an urban or rural under-resourced area of the DMV. 

How SBC Works

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Frequently Asked Questions  

Clients get free access to consulting services and a network of vetted, passionate professionals to tackle your business’ toughest challenges, in areas including marketing and sales, finance and accounting, operations, HR and management, and strategy.

Our success relies on partnerships and collaboration for sustainable impact. The project outcomes depend on the involvement, commitment, and enthusiasm of our clients. 

The following are expectations from our small business partners:

  • Work with the SBC team to create a scope of work for the consulting project
  • Commit at least two hours per week to meet and work with the SBC team throughout the duration of the project, including visits by the team to your business.
  • Provide the SBC team with information about the business that is relevant to the project
  • Provide timely feedback to the SBC team on their work
  • Complete a post-engagement survey provided by Georgetown

We work on a pro-bono basis and do not charge our clients any fees for our services.

The consultant team usually consists of two students. Our consultants include McDonough MBA students with approximately five years of work experience, and McDonough undergraduate students majoring in business with relevant internship experience in corporate or development sectors. Our consultants are dedicated to supporting small businesses and equipped with critical thinking and teamwork skills.

We employ a rigorous vetting process for consultants, and consultants are assigned to projects with careful consideration of each small business client’s specific requirements.