McDonough School of Business

Business Undergraduates Invested in Leadership Development (BUILD)

The Business Undergraduates Invested in Leadership Development (BUILD) program was launched in 2013 as a one-week pre-orientation opportunity for the incoming first-year and transfer students from all backgrounds. The program aims to provide a foundation for business success as students transition into college. Recently, the program was expanded beyond the one-week program and offers programming throughout the fall and spring semesters. Students focus on effective communication, discuss global and social leadership, and foster a sense of curiosity for the business world. In particular students:

​Through academic instruction, mentorship activities, corporate visits/connections, and alumni interactions, students develop a substantial network and skills to help them succeed with their academic, personal, and professional goals.

For more information, check out the recording below from the most recent BUILD Information Session in May 2023.

Student Experience

Through BUILD, you will meet lifelong friends, mentors, but most importantly, a second family you can call home here on the Hilltop. I love BUILD and how many opportunities it presented to me. I would have applied a thousand times over.

Leo Dong, B’26

I love BUILD because it helps so much with the transition to Georgetown! I met new friends to start the school year with and mentors ready to offer advice. The programming gave me a head start on MSB savviness and building community!

Mason Hall, B’26

I love BUILD because it is a positive community that you can join before school even starts! It provides you with an especially warm welcome to Georgetown and the MSB, and our connection lasts far beyond BUILD week itself. You should apply to BUILD because not only will you learn a lot about life as a Georgetown student and the opportunities in the MSB, but you will make lasting friendships and be a part of something bigger than yourself! BUILD was the best possible way to kick off my Georgetown experience.

Hailey Walker, B’26