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Undergraduate Student Organizations

Academic Council

The McDonough School of Business Academic Council (MSBAC) is the official representation of the McDonough undergraduate student body to the dean’s office and faculty. This student group is made up of 12 representatives (three from each class). MSBAC strives to strengthen student relations with the faculty and administration and promote a positive interaction. The group hosts events annually including the Welcome Back BBQ, Holiday Party, and Senior Sendoff. In addition, MSBAC partners with local organizations for community service opportunities. Each council nominee must attend an information session at the beginning of the fall semester.

For more information, please email the McDonough School of Business Undergraduate Program Office or email the Academic Council.

BlackGen Capital Hoyas

BlackGen Capital Hoyas serve minorities that are underrepresented in the financial services industry and business world. The organization’s purpose is to reduce the barriers that said minorities face when trying to access these fields by cultivating an environment that is not only educating but acts as a platform & network that members can professionally leverage. Consequently, under these conditions it is imperative that the organization remain welcoming to students with or without experience in this industry, with or without knowledge of finance/business, with or without relevant connections to members in the organization.

Georgetown Aspiring Minority Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Georgetown Aspiring Minority Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs (GAMBLE) provides minority undergraduates with a holistic approach to career planning and employment opportunities. The ultimate goal is to broker a conversation about diversity and inclusion both on campus and in the workplace. GAMBLE supports this vision by helping minority scholars become tomorrow’s business leaders and entrepreneurs with the support of a strong community and alumni mentoring network. GAMBLE is completely student run and is sponsored by top-tier organizations including Google, Ernst & Young, Credit Suisse, PwC, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of America.

Georgetown Entrepreneurship

Georgetown Entrepreneurship is an organization that inspires innovation and fosters student involvement in the entrepreneurial programs at Georgetown. It is comprised of two parts. The Georgetown Entrepreneurship Club connects students from all four undergraduate schools to the broader Georgetown Entrepreneurship program, while the Hoya Challenge brings entrepreneurially minded students together by fostering the creation of businesses through involvement in competitions and by providing educational resources.

Georgetown Marketing Association

The Georgetown Advertising and Marketing Association is composed of students dedicated to acting as a liaison between students and the marketing industry. This organization is for students of all majors who are interested in a career in marketing and learning more about what that means. We provide opportunities such as distinguished speaker events, job postings, student internship panels and resume workshops, and alumni panels in various capacities in the marketing field.

Georgetown Retail and Luxury Association (GRLA)

The Georgetown Retail and Luxury Association (GRLA) is an undergraduate student-run organization dedicated to establishing connections between Georgetown University students and the retail and luxury industry. GRLA is “for students by students” — the group understands the wants of the student body and aims to provide them with interesting and creative opportunities. GRLA brings influential figures and companies in the industry to campus, both to educate students and to provide internship and job opportunities. GRLA acts as a channel for international exposure to businesses through corporate presentations and recruiting events.

Georgetown Student Capital Partners

Georgetown Student Capital Partners is the University’s official private equity and venture capital student organization and is dedicated to connecting the Georgetown community with the world of private investing. We seek to educate students through our comprehensive education program which includes both the core fundamentals of finance and investing, as well as a specialized education in either PE or VC. Upon completing education, our student-analysts advise our PE, VC, and Startup clients in due diligence, valuations, industry research, and startup fundraising. GSCP is currently advising firms with over $10 billion in combined AUM and also some of the most prominent and successful startups coming out of Georgetown.

Georgetown University Accounting Society (GUAS)

The Georgetown University Accounting Society (GUAS) is a student organization for undergraduate students interested in exploring how accounting can inform their career journey. The society connects members with practitioners, alumni, and faculty who enrich members’ ability to develop as influential business leaders. We strive to provide our members with a lifelong professional network of current and former McDonough students. The GUAS hosts a variety of events throughout the academic year which include information sessions about careers for accounting majors; networking events with professionals in the fields of accounting, consulting, banking, and law; interview practice workshops; and social events with other students who share an interest in accounting. For more information, please email the GUAS faculty advisor, Professor Kirsten Anderson.

Georgetown University Student Investment Fund

The Georgetown University Student Investment Fund, organized as a partnership, provides its members with a working knowledge of the stock market through its investment and research activities. Student investors present new investment proposals and review the current portfolio at each meeting. The fund currently has more than $500,000 in assets under management, making it one of the largest student-run investment funds in the country. This forum provides students with a good introduction to the stock market and the investment decision-making process. Membership is open to all students via an application.

Georgetown Ventures

Georgetown Ventures is a student-run startup accelerator that provides Georgetown entrepreneurs with funding, student consulting services, and professional mentorship. Our goal is to foster the entrepreneurial community of Georgetown University. We do this through two programs: LaunchPad and the Venture Accelerator. LaunchPad works with early-stage ventures to turn ideas into minimum viable products. The Venture Accelerator consults for advanced startups to help them scale. In addition, we have a Creative division that offers creative services to startups and our club.

Hilltop Consultants

Hilltop Consultants is an entirely student-run organization that leads and executes consulting projects each semester with deserving nonprofits from across the country and the globe. Hilltop’s incisive, strategy-driven approach assists these organizations to redirect in the face of obstacles and realize their full potential. Past clients include Teach for America, the American Diabetes Association, Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, United Way, and Greenpeace. Hilltop is focused on providing skills training, networking, and recruiting opportunities related to strategy and consulting to all of its members.

Hilltop Microfinance Initiative (HMFI)

The Hilltop Microfinance Initiative is the largest student-run microfinance organization in the country, staffed entirely by Georgetown undergraduates. By distributing targeted small-business loans, offering personalized financial coaching, and engaging in credit-building practices, we aid the underfunded and unbanked small business owners of DC who otherwise would not have affordable access to capital.


HoyAlytics is a GU club for students interested in data analytics and the future of technology. We serve students as a training ground for gaining new skills through workshops and building connections through mentorship and MBA graduate students.

Innovo Consulting

Innovo Consulting is a student-run nonprofit organization in the District of Columbia. Our members help nonprofit leaders and social entrepreneurs solve their most urgent challenges. This way, we help them reach their goals so they can better fulfill their missions and generate greater social impact. Innovo Consulting also aims to develop social entrepreneurship and a commitment to serving nonprofits in the Georgetown community by fostering interaction among students, social entrepreneurs, and nonprofit leaders. We train our members in strategy, finance, IT, and marketing through Innovo University to better serve our partners and make a difference.

McDonough Business Strategy Challenge

The McDonough Business Strategy Challenge is a nonprofit case consulting competition organized by Hilltop Consultants and primarily sponsored by the McDonough School of Business. The challenge brings together teams from undergraduate universities around the world. Teams engage in a weekend-long competition during which they come up with unique and sustainable solutions to a nonprofit client’s problems.

McDonough Global Student Association

The McDonough Global Student Association (MGSA) provides a platform of growth and development for international students in the McDonough School of Business, especially in academic, professional, and social matters. MGSA provides students with academic opportunities to cultivate and enhance a global mindset; to explore, improve, and develop professional skills needed for obtaining internships and full-time global employment both within the private and nonprofit sector; and to strengthen relationships between students from different cultures.

Contact: McDonough Undergraduate Program Office

McDonough Women

McDonough Women is a student organization in the McDonough School of Business devoted to furthering women in business, connecting female students with successful alumni, and building a supportive community of undergraduate women within the business school. We offer opportunities ranging from private dinners with female leaders such as the former CEO of Deloitte and the current CEO of Washingtonian to resume building workshops and interview practice. We also work closely with a variety of investment banks, consulting companies, and marketing firms in hosting exclusive recruiting events.

OPIM Majors

The OPIM Majors Group was formed in 2003 to support and connect OPIM majors and alumni. The group has aided in the placement of members at prestigious, cutting-edge firms including Facebook, Palantir, and many major banks and consulting firms. In fact, the founder of LivingSocial was an OPIM major during his time at Georgetown. Each year, the OPIM Majors Group sponsors an alumni panel in the fall, a majors panel in the spring, and the senior OPIM lunch, attended by graduating OPIM majors and OPIM faculty. The group also organizes site visits to firms in the D.C. area such as Palantir, iStrategyLabs, PwC, and more. 

Contact: Sonia Kaestner

Smart Woman Securities

Georgetown Smart Woman Securities is a chapter of the national 501-c-3 organization sponsored by Warren Buffett. Our organization provides weekly educational seminars, hosts exclusive recruiting events, and facilitates an environment to meet new people with common interests. The goal of Smart Woman Securities is to support women in their professional, educational, and social goals.