McDonough School of Business

Undergraduate Student Organizations

BlackGen Capital Hoyas

BlackGen Capital is a premier minority-founded student-led investment fund with various chapters across the nation. We aim to close the access gap for talented minority students by creating a pipeline for underrepresented students interested in entering the financial services industry and business world. We plan to accomplish our mission by cultivating an environment that is not only educating but also acts as a platform and network that members can professionally leverage. 

Founded at Georgetown in January 2021, we are constantly seeking feedback and improving our offerings as a growing organization. At BlackGen, we are a family of like minded individuals focused on bettering each other. We welcome students from all schools, regardless of finance experience. Not only do we focus on education, networking, and career exploration, but we also emphasize building authentic relationships and community through social events, featuring teamwork exercises and free food.

First Generation Investors

First Generation Investors (FGI) x Georgetown proactively addresses economic inequality by working with high school students from underserved areas of D.C. Throughout an eight-week financial literacy curriculum, FGI’s tutors ensure students master paramount financial concepts such as stocks, bonds, credit, interest, and more. At the end of the eight-week curriculum, candidates receive a $100 portfolio to their name. Students choose their investments within the preset allocation: 70% will go into ETFs, 20% into bond-based funds, and the last 10% into stocks of the student’s choosing.

The 501(c)(3) national non-profit, First Generation Investors, supports the Georgetown chapter by providing curricular and logistical support and funds the portfolios of high school students. FGI x Georgetown is open to any undergraduate student.

Georgetown Aspiring Minority Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Georgetown Aspiring Minority Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs (GAMBLE) provides minority undergraduates with a holistic approach to career planning and employment opportunities. The ultimate goal is to broker a conversation about diversity and inclusion both on campus and in the workplace. GAMBLE supports this vision by helping minority scholars become tomorrow’s business leaders and entrepreneurs with the support of a strong community and alumni mentoring network. GAMBLE is completely student run and is sponsored by top-tier organizations including Ernst & Young, PwC, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley.

Georgetown Blockchain

Our mission at Georgetown Blockchain is to build a united community of Georgetown students, bonded by blockchain technology. We aim to achieve this by fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for blockchain technology within the Georgetown student
community, providing members with hands-on experience and opportunities related to blockchain, and connecting students with industry leaders, alumni, and external resources to promote innovation, learning, and professional growth in the field of blockchain.

Georgetown Disruptive Tech

Georgetown Disruptive Technology is the leading technology-oriented club at Georgetown University. Our goal is to provide students with the resources they need to succeed in the ever-changing world of technology. From programming to cyber security, we offer a wide range of workshops and events to help you stay ahead of the curve. Whether it’s software development, machine learning, data analytics, or graphic design, GDT is your “one stop shop” to pursue your passions and explore new interests.

Georgetown Eco Consultants

Georgetown Eco Consultants is a pro bono, entirely student-run organization focused on green, community-based partnerships across the DMV and beyond. As Georgetown University’s only environmentally-centered consulting group, GEC seeks to grant students with interdisciplinary interests in business, sustainability, and policy the opportunity and personal growth to formulate sustainable solutions to real business problems. Through delivering tailored, impactful solutions, GEC aids both businesses and nonprofits alike in developing environmentally-responsible practices and enhancing their long-term performance.

Georgetown Entrepreneurship Club

Discover your entrepreneurial spirit and join The Georgetown Entrepreneurship Club today! Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, someone intrigued by the world of business and innovation, or a visionary eager to make a mark, our club welcomes you. At Georgetown, we foster a community of passionate individuals who harness their creativity and expertise to confront global challenges. As problem-solvers and change-makers, we believe in the power of big ideas and hands-on action. Join us to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from real-world experiences, and contribute to the landscape of social innovation. We are actively seeking students interested in club leadership positions as well as individuals with a general interest in entrepreneurship to join us in shaping the future. Are you ready to dive into the world of entrepreneurship? Georgetown Entrepreneurship Club is your launchpad.

Georgetown FinTech Club

The Georgetown FinTech Club provides students with an outlet to discover and analyze different trends within the financial industry. Any integration of technology within the global financial ecosystem is covered by members through both extensive research and current event blogs. Our ultimate goal is to foster an inclusive environment to educate students on cutting-edge ideas in a practical matter engrained with global politics, business, and governance.

Georgetown Marketing Association

The Georgetown Marketing Association (GMA) is the premier student-run marketing consulting group on the Georgetown campus. Our mission is to empower aspiring future marketers by offering quality training, hands-on experiences, and networking opportunities with industry employers. Within GMA, members can participate in strategy and creative focused trainings led by esteemed faculty from the McDonough School of Business. Moreover, students can elevate their classroom knowledge by consulting for real-world clients through our Agency branch, delivering robust and impactful marketing solutions for local businesses. Additionally, we organize networking events with seasoned marketers and industry professionals to ensure our members are well-prepared for their career journeys. Countless GMA alumni have transitioned into diverse sectors, ranging from consulting firms like McKinsey, LEK, and Accenture, to advertising agencies such as Ogilvy, DDB, and Dentsu, and tech giants like Amazon, Zillow, and Oracle, as well as iconic brands including Estée Lauder and Michael Koss. At GMA, we not only foster professional growth but also cultivate a community, forging lifelong connections for students from Georgetown and beyond.

Georgetown Retail and Luxury Association (GRLA)

The Georgetown Retail & Luxury Association (GRLA) is a student-run organization that brings the worlds of retail and luxury to the Hilltop, educating Georgetown students on the retail and luxury industries and professional opportunities for them within these fields. In the past year alone, we have organized large-scale events featuring Stuart Weitzman; CEO of Cartier, Cyrille Vigneron; CEO of Glossier, Kyle Leahy; CEO of Oscar de la Renta, Alex Bolen; and CFO of UNIQLO, Alex Goldelman. We carry out our mission in four committees—Operations, Public Relations, Development, and Creative—that work together to devise, plan, and execute our events. We foster a collaborative community of visionary members guided by a shared passion for the retail and luxury space.

Georgetown Student Capital Partners

Georgetown Student Capital Partners, also known as GSCP or G-Cap, is Georgetown’s official private investing organization, dedicated to connecting the University community to the world of private equity, venture capital, and startups. Our comprehensive education program covers the fundamentals of finance and includes a division-specific course focused on hard skills in the PE, VC, or startups spaces. Following education, our student-analysts advise our PE, VC, and startup clients on due diligence, valuations, industry research, and startup fundraising. We are currently advising leading investment firms with over $12 billion in combined AUM as well as some of the most prominent and successful startups coming out of the Georgetown community.

Georgetown University Accounting Society (GUAS)

The Georgetown University Accounting Society (GUAS) is a student organization for undergraduate students interested in exploring how accounting can inform their career journey. The society connects members with practitioners, alumni, and faculty who enrich members’ ability to develop as influential business leaders. We strive to provide our members with a lifelong professional network of current and former McDonough students. The GUAS hosts a variety of events throughout the academic year which include information sessions about careers for accounting majors; networking events with professionals in the fields of accounting, consulting, banking, and law; interview practice workshops; and social events with other students who share an interest in accounting. For more information, please email the GUAS faculty advisor, Professor Kirsten Anderson.

Georgetown University Public Real Estate Fund (GUPREF)

The Georgetown University Public Real Estate Fund (GUPREF) is an undergraduate student-run investment fund that invests solely in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS). With $300,000 of AUM, GUPREF is one of if not the largest student-run fund that invests in both real estate public equity and real estate public debt. As part of the Steers Center for Global Real Estate, the fund also has faculty advisors and investment committee members that possess significant experience in all facets of the commercial real estate field. The fund gives students an opportunity to learn investing fundamentals while also gaining exposure to the broader commercial real estate industry.

Georgetown University Student Investment Fund

The Georgetown University Student Investment Fund (GUSIF) is the premier undergraduate finance organization at Georgetown University, providing its members with educational programming and opportunities that enable them to develop the passion and necessary skills to succeed in a career in finance. The Fund was founded in 1996 by undergraduates at Georgetown University and received initial funding in 1997. GUSIF currently manages over $1M on behalf of the Georgetown University Endowment and Alumni Association as the largest investment fund on campus. GUSIF invests in equities using a bottom-up, value-oriented, long-only approach to investing with the purpose of achieving strong risk-adjusted returns while supporting members through its semester-long education program, which introduces foundational finance concepts to interested students. Moreover, to connect students with the corporate world, GUSIF hosts many exclusive recruiting events with firms in fields such as private equity, investment banking, growth equity, venture capital, sales & trading, and more while also supporting students with professional knowledge to exceed in interviews and recruiting processes for these companies.

Georgetown Ventures

Georgetown Ventures is Georgetown’s student-run startup accelerator. Each semester, Ventures runs an intensive startup program for a cohort of Georgetown founders to aid them in launching and scaling their companies. With the help of our team, founders can overcome significant barriers and gain the confidence to pursue their ventures full-time. With Georgetown Ventures’ student members working closely with the cohort across its strategy, technical, and creative divisions, the organization fosters a lively entrepreneurship community on campus and allows undergraduates to meaningfully assist real-world startups. Through increasing the number of venture-backable startups that come out of Georgetown and expanding opportunities for undergraduates interested in the startup world, Georgetown Ventures aims to bolster the entrepreneurial landscape at our university.

Global Platinum Securities™ (GPS)

Global Platinum Securities™ (GPS) is a unique intercollegiate student-run investment company that seeks to educate the next generation of investors by immersing them in the field of active investment management.Upon induction to the group, students participate in a structured Education Program that exposes them to security selection, company and industry analysis, portfolio construction, and valuation philosophies. Commensurate with our mantra of learning by doing, members are divided into multiple industry groups and perform equity research under the leadership and guidance of the portfolio managers and professional mentors. The group employs a bottom-up, value-oriented philosophy and seeks capital preservation and income generation via disciplined, long-only equity investments in global markets. As students progress, they gain an in-depth understanding of entrepreneurship and fiduciary responsibility, eventually occupying leadership positions within the organization and paving the way for the next group of inductees.

Hilltop Consultants

Hilltop Consultants is an entirely student-run consultancy organization that serves nonprofits and socially-minded enterprises in the DMV area and around the globe. Hilltop aims to ignite social change by providing clients with incisive strategies to help them execute seamlessly on their respective missions and to redirect in the face of obstacles. Past clients include Teach for America, the American Diabetes Association, Habitat for Humanity, United Way, and Greenpeace. Hilltop also provides robust skills training, networking, and recruiting opportunities related to strategy and consulting to all of its members.

Hilltop Microfinance Initiative (HMFI)

The Hilltop Microfinance Initiative (HMFI) is managed and staffed by Georgetown University students who choose to commit their time without compensation. Our organization prides itself on the passion of our members to provide one-on-one services. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in the District of Columbia, we are financed entirely by the generosity of individuals and foundations who are committed to our ideal of financial empowerment. HMFI aims to empower individuals by promoting financial independence and stimulating economic growth in the DC area. We offer a committed partnership that helps small business owners excluded from the commercial lending system grow their businesses by providing affordable access to capital.


We are a community of undergraduate students at Georgetown University passionate about learning data analytics. We collectively aim to find meaning, tell stories, and explore the growing importance of data analysis across all disciplines. Through hands-on learning and working on project teams, our members gain valuable pre-professional experience at the intersections of data science and consulting, research, and education. 

Innovo Consulting

Innovo Consulting is a community of socially-minded and compassionate college students that provides pro-bono consulting services to organizations that make a social impact. Innovo provides innovative solutions in marketing, finance, management, strategy, operations, and more, with the ultimate goal of providing comprehensive service to non-profits and social impact organizations who need the most help.

McDonough School of Business Student Advisory Board

The McDonough School of Business Student Advisory Board (or MSAB for short) is a student-run advisory board for MSB Undergraduate student groups. Seeking to provide transparency, oversight, and guidance to clubs, MSAB works directly with students to ensure that clubs are receiving proper resources to carry out their club functions in accordance with university policies. This seven-member group provides funding, training, and guidance to these groups. Students may run to be a part of MSAB every Spring.

McDonough School of Business Student Body Government (MSBSBG)

The McDonough School of Business Student Body Government (MSBSBG) is the official representation of the McDonough undergraduate student body to the dean’s office and faculty. This student group is made up of 12 representatives (three from each class). MSBSBG strives to strengthen student relations with the faculty and administration and promote a positive interaction. The group hosts events annually including the Welcome Back BBQ, Holiday Party, and Senior Sendoff. In addition, MSBAC partners with local organizations for community service opportunities. Each council nominee must attend an information session at the beginning of the fall semester.

For more information, please email the McDonough School of Business Undergraduate Program Office or email the Student Body Government.

McDonough Business Strategy Challenge

The McDonough Business Strategy Challenge is a nonprofit case consulting competition organized by Hilltop Consultants and primarily sponsored by the McDonough School of Business. The challenge brings together teams from undergraduate universities around the world. Teams engage in a weekend-long competition during which they come up with unique and sustainable solutions to a nonprofit client’s problems.

McDonough Global Case Team

The MGCT is a consulting competition team sponsored by the McDonough School of Business to act as competitive representatives of the school at competitions hosted around the world. Striving to display Georgetown values as part of our competitive spirit, the MGCT seeks not only to represent the prowess of the business school but also the integrity and discipline found within its students. With competitions around the globe, team members should enjoy the opportunity to travel and broaden their consulting experience with cases in fields such as ethics, strategy, markup entry, and more.

McDonough Women

McDonough Women is a student organization in the McDonough School of Business devoted to furthering women in business, connecting female students with successful alumni, and building a supportive community of undergraduate women within the business school. We offer opportunities ranging from private dinners with female leaders to resume building workshops and interview practice. We also work closely with a variety of investment banks, consulting companies, and marketing firms in hosting exclusive recruiting events.

OPAN Majors

The OPAN Majors Group was formed in 2003 to support and connect OPAN majors and alumni. The group has aided in the placement of members at prestigious, cutting-edge firms including Facebook, Palantir, and many major banks and consulting firms. In fact, the founder of LivingSocial was an OPAN major during his time at Georgetown. Each year, the OPAN Majors Group sponsors an alumni panel in the fall, a majors panel in the spring, and the senior OPAN lunch, attended by graduating OPAN majors and OPAN faculty. The group also organizes site visits to firms in the D.C. area such as Palantir, iStrategyLabs, PwC, and more. 

Contact: Sonia Kaestner

Philonomosian Society

The Philonomosian Society serves as Georgetown’s foremost debate organization: revived and adapted for modern times. Our purpose, as articulated in 1845, is “to promote eloquence and to acquire an accurate knowledge of history and of the leading social and political questions of the day.” We pursue this through weekly debates on topics of business, public policy, ethics, law, and philosophy. We accept all attendants and persuasions, in line with the Chicago principles of free speech. Additionally, we foster camaraderie and friendly competition with our unique Cohort system.

Scholars of Finance

As a club, Scholars of Finance hopes to inspire future finance leaders to steward capital with strong character and integrity through leadership education and executive mentorship to undergraduates.

Smart Woman Securities

Smart Woman Securities (SWS) is a 501(c)(3), not for profit organization whose mission is to educate undergraduate women on finance and investments. Through educational seminars, mentoring initiatives and exposure to successful professionals and businesses, SWS provides the guidance and resources upon which women can build greater knowledge of the financial industry. SWS is dedicated to educating its members in the classroom as well as providing interactive experiences that allow our members to engage with impactful individuals in the financial industry.

Steers Private Fund

The Steers Private Fund (SPF) is a student-led real estate investment fund which operates within the Georgetown University Endowment. SPF invests in a variety of real estate asset classes and markets across the US. The fund made its first investment in the fall of 2021 and has an AUM of $1M. SPF members demonstrate commitment to the long-term growth and sustainability of the fund by investing in high conviction assets and maintaining industry/alumni partnerships. Most importantly, SPF prepares its members for careers in real estate by providing them with real world investment experience in an extracurricular environment. Steers Center for Global Real Estate advisory board member Larry Botel and Steers Center Director Matthew Cypher advise the team of committed SPF leaders to ensure the fund’s continued growth and success.

Theta Investment Group

TIG’s mission is to empower students with financial literacy and foster strategic thinking. We aim to push students to think on a deeper level, applying problem-solving tactics to the world of trading. Our advanced investment strategies require our members to delve into the technical analysis of options, a highly complex derivative investment vehicle. Through our in-depth, comprehensive education system, we ensure that our members are well-versed in the fields of financial modeling, valuation, and derivative investments.

Zeeba Investment Group

Zeeba Investment Group is a completely student-run investment fund, focused on achieving supernormal returns from publicly traded equity across the globe. Zeeba’s mission is two-fold: to educate our members, and to achieve strong returns across our portfolios. Our unique approach to investing stems from (i) being the only fund with a mandate to truly invest internationally, (ii) pioneering a stand-out 10-week proprietary education program, and (iii) having unrestricted capital with the ability to invest in any company, no matter the size or risk. We pride ourselves on finding hidden gems and companies operating in niche industries that many do not know exist.