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Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)

Ssalome Mikadze

Each summer, the McDonough Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) offers students the opportunity to apply for a grant to conduct original research of their choice. Those receiving the grant are awarded up to $3,000 for a 5-6 week research project or up to $6,000 for a 10-12 week research project to be completed during the summer. 

Students connect with faculty members to investigate topics that are related to business but may also be interdisciplinary in nature. By working one-on-one with a faculty advisor, students learn how to use the research process to inform a real problem.

Upon completion of the research project, students present their findings in a forum open to the entire Georgetown community and have their research papers, posters, or video presentations published to our website. Students also receive the following notation on their transcript: Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow, along with the year they participated in the program.

Applications for the 2022 SURF program are due on March 18, 2022.

Please contact Dr. Justin Smith, assistant dean for student success, with any questions.

*Please note that the SURF program is only available to current McDonough undergraduate students.* 

2021 Summer Research Projects

Robert Alward (B’22)

Project Advisor: Professor Bonnie Montano

Comparative Case Analysis Between Linear and Circular Business Models

By Stephanie Boyd (B’22)
Project Advisor: Professor Bill Novelli

Cultural Values Analysis in Talent & AI

By Andrew Chuang (B’23)
Project Advisor: Professor Michael O’Leary

Does College Cost Too Much?

By Emily Cloonan (B’23)
Project Advisor: Professor Eric Sampson

Is Blood Thicker than the Balance Sheet? Inculcating Innovative Behavior in Indian Family Firms

By Ananya Dalmia (B’22)
Project Advisor: Professor Charles Skuba

The Future of Art: Covid-19 Pandemic’s Impact on the Global Art Market

By Genevieve Domenico (B’23)
Project Advisor: Professor Elizabeth Prelinger

Off-Grid Solar Installs on the Navajo Nation under the CARES Act

By Matthew Greer-Gentis (B’22)
Project Advisor: Professor Robin Dillon-Merrill

The Undergraduate Obsession with Finance

By Mariana Guzman (B’24)
Project Advisor: Professor Lee Pinkowitz

Different Sizes, Different Responsibilities: Corporate Social Responsibility for Large and Small Businesses

By Christine Ji (B’23)
Project Advisor: Professor Jason Brennan

The Role of Government Stability in Facilitating Economic Growth: A Case Study of India and Pakistan

By Jim Kerr (B’24)
Project Advisor: Professor Ricardo Ernst

Autonomous Trucking and the Diffusion of Technology

By Connor Keyes (B’22)
Project Advisor: Professor Jason Schloetzer

The Future of Stakeholder Capitalism

By Ralph Lamberti (B’23)
Project Advisor: Professor Jason Brennan

Covid-19 as a Potential Impetus for a Revolution in the Hospitality Industry: A Comparative Analysis of Italy and Germany’s Recovery Plans

By Lucrezia Lualdi (B’22)
Project Advisor: Professor Andreas Kern

Determinants of SPAC Success

By Christopher Matrullo (B’23)
Project Advisor: Professor James Angel

Do Passively Managed Funds Contribute to Market Volatility?

By William Nemoy (B’24)
Project Advisor: Professor Quan Wen

The Future of Grocery Stores

By Constanza Nicolini (B’22)
Project Advisor: Professor Sezer Ulku

MythBusters: Green Bonds Edition

By Alicia Novoa (B’23)
Project Advisor: Professor James Angel

Luxury in 2020: Covid-19’s Impact on High Fashion and Wines

By David Park (B’23)
Project Advisors: Professor Michael O’Leary and Neeru Paharia

Impact of Relationships with Superiors on a Chief Diversity Officer’s Efficacy

By Carsten Schoer (B’24)
Project Advisor: Professor Ella Washington

Method or Catalyst: A Quantitative Study of Firearm Ownership, Purchases, and Suicide

By Colton Scrudder (B’22)
Project Advisor: Professor William English

Economic Nationalism: An Analysis of the Financial Impact of Populist Policies

By Cristian Smina (B’23)
Project Advisor: Professor Charles Skuba

Assessing the Impact of U.S.-China 5G Technology Competition on Global Markets

By Anish Sundar (B’24)
Project Advisor: Professor Charles Skuba

Addressing Information Security Threats & Responses in the Healthcare Industry

By Sachi Tejani (B’24)
Project Advisor: Professor Ryung Suh

Open Banking in Thailand: Lessons from Singapore and Hong Kong

By Claire Vithoontien (B’23)
Project Advisor: Professor James Angel

Beyond the Excitement of Going Public: The Risks Associated with the De-SPAC Process

By Caleb Yang (B’23)
Project Advisor: Professor Reena Agrawal