McDonough School of Business

Undergraduate Research

At Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, undergraduate students can access various research opportunities to enhance their academic journey and professional readiness. The school emphasizes the importance of rigorous academic research as a cornerstone of the undergraduate experience, actively supporting students through various programs.

Research Programs

Compare Research Programs

Honors Thesis
Graduate with honors, transcript notation, and more
Student-supported; faculty-led
Student-led; faculty-supported
Independent student research
Academic year
Reflection + poster
Research paper + poster
Honors thesis
No course required
BADM 2099 (1.5cr)
BADM 4998 (3cr);
BADM 4999 (1.5cr)
Application Opens
Early-spring semester
Late-fall semester
Mid-spring semester

These programs are part of McDonough’s commitment to integrating meaningful research into the undergraduate curriculum, aiming to sharpen students’ critical thinking, analytical skills, and readiness for future challenges, whether in the workforce or advanced studies. Through these research opportunities, students can explore their interests, enhance their resumes, and forge lasting connections with faculty beyond the classroom. Continue reading to explore these business-specialized research opportunities and additional avenues for engagement.

Additional Research Opportunities

Student Academic Assistant

McDonough is filled with motivated undergraduates who are eager to learn new skills. As a student academic assistant, students have the chance to support faculty in their research and data collection during the school year.

Open Positions for Undergraduates

Fellowship Opportunities

Influence change in the world while nurturing your academic, leadership, and professional potential. Discover the range of sponsored and open post-graduate fellowships by visiting the Center for Research and Fellowships.

Center For Research and Fellowships

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