Our students benefit from integrative learning anchored in a global approach. From the opening term course, Structure of Global Industries, to the global discussions infused throughout the curriculum, students develop a global mindset.  They understand how to think and work globally.  

Opening Term 

First-year MBA students start their studies with a three-week, highly integrated course on the Structure of Global Industries. This experiential learning course teaches ethical decision making, the fundamentals of team dynamics, persuasive communication skills, and how to identify and understand global markets.  Taken alongside a basic accounting course, it establishes student cohorts or collaborative learning groups.

Core Courses

In the 12-week core courses, students learn the quantitative tools, systematic analysis, and persuasion skills necessary to succeed in business.  Each class spans a semester, allowing students time to engage in the experience and reflect on their learning.  To view course descriptions, click here.

Elective Modules

In the spring term and throughout the second year, students select electives to develop specialized knowledge and focus on specific industries.  Students can tailor the curriculum to meet their goals through these six-week modules. To view electives, click here.

Global Business Experience

The degree culminates in the Global Business Experience, an application of everything students have learned.  This professional-level consulting project builds upon students' experiences, talents, connections, and careers.