Global Capstone

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This capstone course integrates the EMBA course curriculum through student-designed, in-country experiential, field research-based projects. Student teams explore and investigate practical challenges of global strategy through analysis of global industries and environments. The course consists of on-campus classes and team meetings, non-classroom library research, experiential field research conducted in a variety of locations around the world, and concluding presentations in the knowledge-sharing symposium.

What students say about their experience:

I had the privilege to conclude my EMBA experience with the Global Capstone Residency on an amazing business topic of obtaining land rights and stakeholder engagement for a wind energy project in Kenya. Under Professor Ryan and Professor Busch’s guidance, I was a part of a diverse team with strong competency, qualification, background, and experience that made this project a great success. We got to travel to Kenya to get an understanding of land rights and community engagement. In this journey, we got to meet, interview, and build relations with various individuals ranging from global executives at the World Bank, government officials, land and community activists, business entrepreneurs, and locals. This project has been a transformational experience for me, and I have not only been able to align it to my EMBA objective, but also positively influence my personal life as well.

Gaurav Ranjit, EMBA’18

One of several highlights of my EMBA experience was journeying to Hong Kong with some of the best from my cohort, accompanied by Professor Dong. The insight and connections that Professor Dong provided to the luxury goods market were world-class and incredibly insightful. My cohort also managed to arrange several high-level and informative meetings with business and government leaders. Discussing real estate trends was much different while sitting across from a CEO on the 118th floor at the tallest bar in the world! The insights from the meetings and time with my team members created an incredible memory.

Nathan Ruiz, EMBA’16

I was on a great team of classmates with experience in telecommunications, sports marketing, and financial services. We traveled to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to study the use of digital technology in sports marketing ahead of the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games. We had incredible support from Professor Jimmy Lynn. He helped us connect with top executives in leading companies in telecommunications, engineering, advertising, and apparel, as well as FIFA and government agencies in Brazil.

Herb Carmen, EMBA’13

The best part of my EMBA experience was traveling abroad with my cohort and getting to see firsthand how business gets done in other global settings. Notably, I traveled to Cuba to explore the tourism industry and the potential impact Cuba’s ever-thawing relationship with the United States. This is an opportunity I would never have had if it weren’t for the EMBA Program.

Erin Elizabeth Ryan, EMBA’16

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