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Establishing Campus Presence

Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business provides several opportunities for employers to conduct recruiting activities and participate in campus events to raise awareness of their organization with the student body.
Employers interested in recruiting at Georgetown should download a copy of our 2013-2014 full-time MBA and Evening  academic/recruiting calendar, our Employer's Guide and our full-time MBA on campus recruiting policies.  If you are interested in holding an on-campus event during the academic year please register here.
Georgetown’s MBA Career Center is committed to partnering with employers to meet their recruiting needs. We offer a variety of services and opportunities to meet our top MBA talent, including:
  • Recruit on Campus 
  • Post a Job 
  • Events 
  • Corporate Treks
  • Career Conferences 
  • Career Fairs 
  • Diversity  
Georgetown’s MBA Career Center now offers the ability to conduct virtual interviewing sessions of our students from the convenience of your preferred location.  We offer an ISDN option (perfect for high-quality international or domestic interviews) as well as a Skype option (a standard-quality solution when ISDN connections are not available).  Please contact your representative for more details on conducting virtual interviewing sessions.
Identifying and Connecting with Talent
Identifying and connecting with talent is simple and efficient through quick research of our diverse group of student organizations and through our student resume books.
In addition to the wealth of talent coming from within the United States, we highly recommend our international students who boast significant work experience, and often hold degrees from some of most outstanding universities across the globe. This year, our students represented 37 countries, ranging from Bangladesh to Vietnam.
Student Resume Books
Our online database, provided by MBA FOCUS, allows recruiters to identify students with specific backgrounds, focus areas, and/or professional profiles. If you prefer, the Georgetown MBA Career Center can equip you with a customized resume book based on your search preferences. To request a customized resume book, please send an e-mail, along with your job description, to MBACareerCenter@georgetown.edu.
Here are the 2012-2013 MBA Focus resume books release dates:
2nd year students: 09/18/2013
1st year students: 10/23/2013
Hiring International Students
Our international students embody academic excellence. Often they are the best and the brightest from their home countries, and as such, they strive for high achievement in the academic arena as well as in the U.S. workforce. They have exhibited the determination and tenaciousness necessary to adapt to various cultures, responsible risk and decision making, and unique networking opportunities abroad. We think the closer you look, the more you’ll find international students at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business are driven to build skills and succeed at the highest levels.  Please take a look at our international student hiring guide here.
Student Organizations
Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business offers a great wealth of student organizations  that enhance the diversity, skills, interests and inherent strengths of our students. These organizations encourage supplementing coursework with extracurricular activities that build relationships between fellow students, faculty, and the community. Student organizations are the backbone of campus life ranging from professionally minded clubs to student-interest associations. Student organizations spearhead activities and events including guest speakers, industry days, career treks, and social events.
Georgetown Business Magazine
On a quarterly basis, The Georgetown Business Magazine communicates the value delivered by the McDonough School of Business, sharing the steps we take to ensure our students are prepared, focused, and committed.