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First Year Seminar

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The First Year Seminar (FYS) Program is an exciting way for first-year students at Georgetown McDonough to investigate the nature of scholarship, think about important ideas in business, and achieve intellectual and personal growth. It is an opportunity for students to embrace learning and engage in discussions with their peers while exploring topics ranging from the evolution of business enterprise to patterns of global commerce.

Throughout the program, students develop a mentoring relationship with faculty and strengthen critical academic reading and writing skills. Even though the focus is on business principles and foundational knowledge, substantive intellectual links to the study of global leadership and public policy are emphasized. These seminars also provide a platform to learn more about government and nonprofit organizations in the Washington, D.C. area.

The FYS Program offers seven seminars that create a supportive learning and service community. Approximately 20 students participate in each seminar during the fall of the first year. Recent seminars have included:

  • Ideas, Institutions, and the Evolution of Business Enterprise: The Case of Professional Sports Leagues, George Daly, Ph.D.
  • Why Forecasts Fail: Predictions for the Global Economy and Environment, Norean R. Sharpe, Ph.D.
  • Marketing for Global Social Change, Alan R. Andreasen, Ph.D.
  • Grand Strategy: Conceptual Foundations in Strategic Thought, Arthur Dong, J.D.
  • Patterns of Global Commerce, Charles J. Skuba, MBA
  • Competing in a Flat World, Ricardo Ernst, Ph.D.
  • The Ethics of Entrepreneurship, Jason Brennan, Ph.D.
  • Great Books in Finance, James J. Angel, Ph.D.
  • Learning to Think Globally, James O'Donnell, Ph.D.

Read more in the First Year Seminar brochure.