Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business is committed to fostering a community in diversity, one of many Jesuit values embedded in Georgetown’s centuries-old tradition of serving the common good.

To us, this means fostering a community that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive. Many organizations talk about their DEI efforts, but at McDonough, we are actively examining our history and culture to ensure our actions match our words. We are committed to understanding the diverse perspectives and experiences of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni; transparency in our work; and thoughtfully enacting meaningful change within our community and throughout the world.

Starting in October 2020, Dean Paul Almeida convened a Standing Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion composed of faculty, students, staff, and other McDonough stakeholders. Their charge is to define what DEI means at McDonough, gather data and report on the state of DEI at the school, and make recommendations on where to go next.

Paul Almeida, Dean of Georgetown McDonough School of Business

“It’s my hope and belief that our students, faculty, staff, and alumni will lead the way in creating a fairer world. Our community will be women and men for others. We will be allies to one another. We will set an example. We won’t tolerate intolerance. We will speak up against injustice. We will be the best in the world and the best for the world.”

Paul Almedia, Dean


The composition of the student body, staff, and faculty in terms of key demographic and identity groups — often in terms of similarities to and differences from the composition of the larger population.


The extent to which treatment of — and allocation of resources for — members of our business school community is fair and transparent.


The extent to which members of our community feel heard, respected, and engaged regardless of their demographics, identities, or backgrounds.

After one year of work, they have developed a community definition of DEI and published a report that outlines the DEI accomplishments of the school and the work still to be done. The committee will continue to implement new initiatives and report on its progress.

Action and Accountability

Georgetown McDonough is implementing a system of 7C’s to guide our DEI efforts; composition, communication, curriculum, co-curriculum, careers, community, and culture.

Diversity by the Numbers

A look at where Georgetown McDonough diversity stands now.


Standing Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: 2020-2022

The committee includes the following faculty, staff, and students:

Patricia Grant, Co-chair, Senior Associate Dean, Undergraduate Program

Michael O’Leary, Co-chair, Teaching Professor & Senior Associate Dean, Custom Executive Education

Diana Banks, Assistant Dean, Executive Career Center

Mario Ramirez Basora, Professor of the Practice

Cristy Breto, Assistant Director of Academic Administration

Ashley Clingman-Jackson (EMBA’22)

Daunett Hemmings, Associate Director of HR Administration

Victor Jose, William and Karen Sonneborn Associate Professor

Leena Jube (MBA’21)

Lisa Kahn, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, MBA Program

Nick Lovegrove, Professor of the Practice

Teresa Mannix, Associate Dean and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Christine Nordheilm, Associate Teaching Professor

Kerry Pace, Associate Dean, MBA Program Office

Neeru Paharia, Associate Professor

Benedict Payne, Business Operations Specialist, Office of the Dean

Anna Sebastian
(FX MBA ’22)

Sandra Sirjue, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Office of the Dean

Serafina Smith, Director, MBA Admissions, Diversity and Partnerships

Jessica Steinberg, Director Assistant Dean of Strategy and Operations, MBA Program Office

Xiaoli Tian, Associate Professor

Cathy Tinsley, Raffini Professor and Academic Director, EML Program

Gianna Valencia (B’24)

Love Victor (B’22)

Ella Washington, Professor of the Practice

Rohan Williamson, (ex-officio), Bolton Sullivan and Thomas A. Dean Chair of International Business and Vice Provost for Education

Sarena Young (MBA’22)

As part of their work, the committee launched three task forces that focused on initial data collection regarding the state of DEI among students, faculty, and staff at McDonough. Those task forces have engaged with individuals and groups throughout the school, university, and beyond to help gather data and input.

Student Task Force

  • Nick Lovegrove, chair
  • Xiaoli Tian
  • Neeru Paharia
  • Leena Jube
  • Love Victor
  • Ashley Clingman-Jackson

Faculty Task Force

  • Cristy Breto, Chair
  • Mario Ramirez Basora
  • Catherine Tinsley 
  • Ella Washington

Staff Task Force

  • Diana Banks, Chair
  • Victor Jose
  • Benedict Payne
  • Sandra Sirjue
  • Rohan Williamson

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DEI Full Report

Read the full Georgetown McDonough Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Report for 2021.

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