First Year Seminar

The First Year Seminar (FYS) courses are offered each fall semester and are designed for the first-year business students. With a variety of options to select from, students explore unique business topics that range from the patterns of global commerce and the intersection of global leadership and public policy to the anthropology of business, ethics in business, and the impact of individual differences in the workplace affecting performance. 

The small class size allows students to develop a mentoring relationship with their faculty, embrace learning through seminar-based lectures, and engage in discussions with their peers. In addition, this course fulfills Georgetown University’s integrated writing requirement with an emphasis on strengthening students’ academic and business writing skills.   

The FYS Program offers several seminars during fall 2020.

Fall 2020 Semester Seminars:

  • Cooking the Books: The Ethics of Financial Reporting, Kirsten Anderson, Ph.D.
  • Heroes and Villains: Character and Leadership in a Global Context, Robert J. Bies, Ph.D.
  • Culture At Work: The Anthropology of Business, Daniela Brancaforte, Ph.D.
  • Jerks, Freeloaders, and Liars: Dealing with the Dark Side of Human Nature in Business and Beyond, Jason Brennan, Ph.D.
  • The Real Estate Game, Matthew Cypher, Ph.D., and Thomas Cooke, J.D.
  • Leadership in Sustainable Cities: A Global Imperative, Robin Dillon-Merril, Ph.D.
  • Grand Strategy: Conceptual Foundations in Strategic Thought, Arthur Dong, J.D.
  • Competing in a Flat World, Ricardo Ernst, Ph.D.
  • Marketing in a Global and Connected World, Ronald Goodstein, Ph.D.
  • Scarcity and Constraints, Rebecca Hamilton, Ph.D.
  • Understanding the Law: Plaintiff’s Lawyers, Prosecutors, and the Legal Regulation of Business, John Hasnas, S, Ph.D., J.D.
  • Bridging the Divide: Leading Across Business, Government, and Society, Nicholas Lovegrove, MBA, MPP
  • Who Are You? Individual Differences and Workplace Performance, Michael O’Leary, Ph.D.
  • Entrepreneurship and the Jesuit Tradition: Jeff Reid, MBA
  • Patterns of Global Commerce, Charles J. Skuba, MBA

For additional information about the FYS program and courses, please refer to the program’s brochure or contract Monija Amani, Senior Assistant Dean.