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Accounting and Business Law

Accounting and Business Law Faculty


The accounting faculty is dedicated to providing a transformational educational experience to each of our students. We do this by helping our students learn more than how to generate financial information in accordance with current standards and procedures. Read more here.

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The accounting and business law faculty publish in top research publications, and organize and present at seminars, conferences, and workshops.

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The accounting faculty teach analytical skills necessary for business success.

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Faculty in the News

CEOs with a taste for the high life, as measured by ownership of a yacht, a high-end car, or a a costly home, are 10 times more likely to preside over firms where other executives engineer frauds.

– Robert Davidson, Wall Street Journal

Read news about the accounting and business law faculty’s research or thought leadership on global business.

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  • ~Executive Master’s in Leadership ~

    The distinctive Executive Master’s in Leadership Program is designed to help executives advance their leadership skills and gain a deeper understanding of management strategy. The program integrates practical management skills and advanced leadership theory to enable executives to effect change within their organizations. Students learn how to anticipate how the future is likely to unfold, identify an organization’s desired position in that future, implement steps to place the organization at the forefront, and influence others to join them in advancing toward successful outcomes.

  • ~MBA Program ~

    Whether interested in advancing within their current industry, switching careers, or becoming an entrepreneur, the Georgetown MBA prepares students to advance in today’s business world. A new curriculum reflects what employers want – MBA students who are principled leaders, have a global mindset, who showcase strong analytical skills, and who are interested in serving business and society. Through a mix of classroom experiences with world-renowned faculty and accomplished peers, extracurricular activities, internships, and networking opportunities within the broad Georgetown alumni network, students graduate with the confidence and business acumen to achieve their goals.