Strategy, Economics, Ethics, and Public Policy Faculty

The Strategy, Economics, Ethics, and Public Policy area draws strength from multiple disciplines. We are home to economists, political scientists, strategists, organizational theorists, political philosophers, and ethicists. Our research interests include applied economic analysis, competitive and corporate strategy, economic and political analysis of public policy, international economics, political theory, and business ethics.

The area’s economic, political science, and strategy scholars have expertise and experience in a number of industries, including telecommunications, railroads, pharmaceuticals, electricity, cement, legal services, venture capital, private equity, semiconductors, and biopharmaceuticals, along with topical expertise and experience in regulation, antitrust, innovation, and international trade policy formation. The area’s political philosophers and ethicists explore both positive and normative elements of ethical behavior of managers and the ethical problems that arise in a regulated market economy (e.g., federal white-collar criminal law and enforcement policy).