Global Business Fellows Program (GBF)

The Global Business Fellows Program is an innovative joint program between the McDonough School of Business and the Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS). This program combines fundamental principles of business with required coursework in international affairs, economics, and languages. Such an interdisciplinary curriculum enables undergraduate students to analyze and solve challenges that impact business and public policy on a global scale.

Fellows take a set of core courses in business, economics, and international affairs, as well as the Global Business Experience consulting course, which receives support from the Global Business Initiative‘s board members. In addition, students partake in co-curricular programming and professional development opportunities.

Anisha Pai (B’19)

“Through my GBF classes, I have learned that understanding other regions’ political and economic systems is of equal if not greater importance. Exposure to courses in the School of Foreign Service has put my business education into perspective.”

Vishal Menon (B’19)

“The program has first and foremost taught me that I want to continue to surround myself with intellectual, open-minded individuals throughout my life. I am so grateful to have been able to hear the unique stories and experiences of other Global Business Fellows, and form both personal and professional relationships with them.”

Ana Cevallos (B’19)

“As an international student from Quito, Ecuador, I have always been passionate about the intersection of business and international affairs, and the classes that I took as part of the program have directly tapped on that space, deepening my drive to become a business leader in the international arena.”