Business Undergraduates Invested in Leadership Development (BUILD)

BUILD Coordinators

The Business Undergraduates Invested in Leadership Development (BUILD) program was launched in 2013 as a pre-orientation opportunity. It provides an intensive business and leadership development curriculum for incoming first-year and transfer students from all backgrounds and offers them a foundation for success as they transition into college. This one-week program prizes effective communication, principled leadership, and a curiosity for the business world. Students in this program:

  • Receive instruction from McDonough faculty in key business areas (i.e. accounting, finance, marketing, international business, and business ethics)
  • Engage in mentorship activities with their upper-level BUILD peers
  • Participate in local corporate visits to prestigious organizations (PwC, Google, Oracle, Capital One, Monumental Sports, etc.), where they meet corporate leaders and Georgetown alumni with the purpose of developing a deeper appreciation of the business world
  • Attend leadership lectures with university’s executives and corporate leaders to develop networking and business communication skills

​Through academic instruction, mentorship activities, corporate visits, and alumni interactions, students develop substantial skills related to their academic, personal, and professional domains.

Student Experience

“Being part of BUILD has allowed me to have a family within the Business School and cannot imagine a better pre-orientation program experience.”

Victor Love, B’22

“Apart from being an unforgettable introduction to The Hilltop, perhaps the most beautiful aspect of BUILD is how it unifies students from a large spectrum of backgrounds, experiences, and talents. We all bring something unique to the table and BUILD creates a space where everyone is able to learn from each other and grow as individuals.”

Carlos Rosario, B’23

“BUILD made the Hilltop authentic for me. One thing that plagues a lot of students when they come to Georgetown is they overcommit to things they don’t actually want to be involved in because they’re looking for some form of community. BUILD prepped me by giving me my own community before this pressure kicked in, and because of that, I was able to join things I was truly passionate about being involved in. BUILD has set me up for success from the very start of my Georgetown career, and I’m truly grateful for everything it has given me and continues to give me.”

Bryce Badger, B’21

“I can’t imagine what my first year of college would be like without BUILD. I learned so much about all of the opportunities that the MSB and Georgetown more broadly have to offer while meeting people who are now some of my closest friends.”

Anusha Kuppahally, B’23