MBA Student Ambassadors

Our Georgetown MBA Student Ambassadors are selected to represent the MBA Admissions team through a competitive application process. They connect with prospective students via email, by phone, on campus, and at MBA admissions events and interviews. Our MBA Student Ambassadors are happy to answer prospective student inquiries at

Jonathan Daniels

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Pre-MBA Industry/ Function: Consulting

Post-MBA Career Interests: Real Estate

MBA Clubs or Organizations: Georgetown Real Estate Club, Consulting Club, Emerging Markets Network, Wine Society

What has been the best part of your experience thus far?: My best experience at Georgetown McDonough has been our Structure of Global Industry (SGI) class and project in Opening Term. It was an illuminating class that exposed us to the complexity of the world economy and how companies actually operate. The project was stressful and required long hours but gave everyone a shared experience that allowed us to bond as a class. Some of my best friends at school were on my SGI team.

Michelle Dantas

Hometown: Mumbai, India

Pre-MBA Industry/ Function: Management Consulting

Post-MBA Career Interests: Impact Consulting, Strategy, Technology

MBA Clubs or Organizations: Georgetown Women in Business, Consulting Club, Net Impact, Hoyalitics, South Asian Business Alliance

What is the best part about living in Washington, D.C.?: It’s the perfect blend of history, art, modernism and culture. It also helps that traveling within the city is a breeze thanks to our own Georgetown University Transportation Shuttles (GUTS), the metro system, and the D.C. Circulator.

Sara Eisenberg

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Pre-MBA Industry/ Function: Nonprofit, Program Management

Post-MBA Career Interests: General Management

MBA Clubs or Organizations: iTrek First Year Leader, Business for Impact New Strategies Student Leader, Georgetown Women in Business, Net Impact, Graduate Operations and Management Association, Jewish Business Alliance

Why did you choose Georgetown McDonough?: I chose Georgetown McDonough for three reasons: the location, the MBA Career Center, and the people. Washington, D.C. is an amazing city, and coming from a nonprofit background I was excited to be in an environment focused on the intersection of business and policy. When visiting Georgetown McDonough, I was impressed by the involvement of the Career Center in the day to day lives of the students. And finally, the people — Georgetown has the best, most inclusive, collaborative and supportive community.

Breck Golden

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Pre-MBA Industry/ Function: Private Equity, Consulting

Post-MBA Career Interests: Investment Banking

MBA Clubs or Organizations: Finance Club, Graduate Investment Fund, MBA Volunteers, Sports Club, Out@MSB Ally, Wine Society

What has been the best part of your experience thus far?: The best parts about the Georgetown experience have been the people and exposure to business. Not only are the students in the program bright and focused on learning, but they are willing to help with any issues that arise, personal or school-related. Being located in Washington, D.C., has provided numerous opportunities to connect with individuals leading organizations from across the globe. These organizations are not only looking to introduce students to their mission, but also bring them in as contributors and future leaders of their businesses. Georgetown McDonough has been a springboard for my future experiences, and I’m looking forward to my remaining time here.

Leena Jube

Hometown: New York, New York

Pre-MBA Industry/Function: CPG, Brand Management

Post-MBA Career Interests: Social Impact Consulting, Technology

MBA Clubs or Organizations: Consortium Fellow, Forte Fellow, Explorers Club, Georgetown Women in Business

What has been the best part of your experience thus far?: There are a few experiences at Georgetown McDonough that stand out to me. First, I went on a service trek to Bogota, Colombia, where I worked with and provided recommendations for two nonprofits. Second, I laughed so hard listening to our veteran classmates talk about their experiences in the military at the War Stories event. It was both enlightening and entertaining to hear what leadership looks like in this unique field. Finally, I ate amazing food made by my fellow international students and both learned and danced to Bollywood music at International Fest.

Lydia Kickham-Dawes

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Pre-MBA Industry/ Function: Investment Banking, Operations

Post-MBA Career Interests: Supply Chain Management for a CPG company

MBA Clubs or Organizations: Consortium Fellow, Georgetown Women in Business, Black MBA, MBA Volunteers

Why did you choose Georgetown McDonough?: I wanted to be a part of a community where I could grow professionally, academically, and personally. I also wanted to be surrounded by individuals who truly care about the success of everyone. Georgetown’s Career Center is so hands on, and I knew that they would prepare me well for the internship and full-time job process. I knew I wanted to pursue an MBA from a global school, in a global city where making an impact was a core foundation of the school. Attending Georgetown McDonough for my MBA is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Ben Lee

Hometown: Daegu, South Korea

Pre-MBA Industry/ Function: Healthcare, Management

Post-MBA Career Interests: Consulting, Strategy

MBA Clubs or Organizations: Consulting Club, Health Care Alliance, Georgetown Korea Business Association

Why did you choose Georgetown McDonough?: I chose Georgetown McDonough because of the school’s diverse and inclusive culture. Our student body truly embodies these values, with students representing 40 different countries across the globe. The intellectual curiosity, collaboration, and caring for others displayed by my classmates genuinely inspires me every day to become a better person and leader. The depth of knowledge and perspective you gain from interacting with other students both in and out of the classroom is what makes the McDonough experience truly unique and a great place to transform your career. Surrounded by a group of people who are highly accomplished yet humble, I can be my authentic self and challenge myself to become a global leader post-MBA.

Junior Mwemba

Hometown: Midland, Michigan

Pre-MBA Industry/ Function: Oil and Gas, Sales

Post-MBA Career Interests: Healthcare, Commercial LDP

MBA Clubs or Organizations: Consortium Fellow, MBA Volunteers, Healthcare Business Alliance, Georgetown Christians in Business, National Black MBA Fellow

Why did you choose Georgetown McDonough?: I chose Georgetown McDonough because of the warm, collaborative, and supportive environment that it embodies. I visited Georgetown McDonough prior to applying and felt such a remarkable connection to the admissions staff, faculty, and current students. The school quickly felt like home for me and feels even more like home now. The familial environment that permeates throughout the program is unmatched.